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Most of us these days have a mobile calling tariff, which includes a set number of minutes that we’re allowed to call each month.

Call your mates and minutes are deducted from your account.

That’s all very well and good, but there are certain kinds of calls that aren’t included in that monthly allowance.

We’re talking about premium rate calling numbers, and there are many reasons why you might want to call these.

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There are two kinds of non geographic numbers, service numbers and premium numbers.

Service numbers are the ones that you call to get, well, service.

They might be for a bank, for customer service with a manufacturer, customer support for your computer, that kind of thing.

Premium numbers are the more expensive of the two options, and these are often used for things like TV competitions (voting on the X Factor), for weather forecasts, as well as “adult” calls like dating or sex chat lines.

Is there a way you can know what kind of number you’re calling? A non geographic number won’t have an area code, so you won’t know where you’re calling, that’s clue number one.

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