10 commandments dating book review

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revised to address the needs of a younger audience, age sixteen and up"--Introduction Includes bibliographical references Introduction -- Commandment one : thou shalt get a life -- Commandment two : thou shalt use your brain -- Commandment three : thou shalt be equally yoked -- Commandment four : thou shalt take it slow -- Commandment five : thou shalt set clear boundaries -- Commandment six : thou shalt save sex for later -- Commandment seven : thou shalt not fall for sex lies -- Commandment eight : thou shalt not ignore warning signs -- Commandment nine : thou shalt choose wisely -- Commandment ten : thou shalt take action"Adapted from the original book ...

The Rules meets the Torah in Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments, a fresh, sane look at the dating game by Shmuley Boteach, author of the bestseller Kosher Sex.

Does the whole business of dating fill you with dread? Do you prefer the company of your cat to that of members of the opposite sex?

Does life in Antarctica suddenly seem very appealing? Shmuley Boteach will show you that lasting love is indeed within your reach, whatever your age, faith, or situation.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Ten Commandments, this book describes how to: Turn your date into a meeting of mind, body, heart, and soul Make your date feel like the happiest person in the world--because he or she has you!

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