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I currently use monovision contacts and it works fine, though I think my far vision is compromised a bit.

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And she has a pair of glasses she uses for night driving to improve her far vision.This is so confusing and the fact that this is permanent (basically) makes it tougher! I am 67 yrs old, I have cataracts both eyes, left eye cataract level 3.5, right eye 2.5, the doctor asked me can you read with out glasses I said yes then he picked nearsighted at -2.50 for monofocal IOL.He says I will be able to read at 16" not more or less without glasses.He discuss about arm's length he thinks to add from -2.50 to 2.75 so I can read alittle bit closer to 13" without glasses.Sadly, I know I will not be able to see close up as I can see upclose to 6" without glasses, both eyes are different, left eye at 5" and right eye at 6". I don't understand how it works the IOL power for far distance?I believe it is because with cataract it can cause to have second sight. I am not sure which is best near or far for momofocal IOL. If you choose far distance is it required to add eyeglasses RX on IOL? Is it possible to have iol inplanted wthout rx correction and then wear correction glasses?Right now I can not read without glasses at arm's length and I can take off my glasses read upclose at 6" not farther I need my glasses to read or cook or read computer. Thank you, I am just learning and just want to make the right here is my RXOD Sph -2.75 Cyl -2.00 Axis 070 add 2.50OS Sph -3.00 Cyl -2.00 Axis 093 add 2.50Am I myopia?I read some here on this site and find some people prefer far distance rather than near. Normal im online and available for shows am - pm Thailand Time Zone i have Standard two Show Prices Standard Basic Shows and Premium Full Shows My Basic Shows Package: with chatting, Strip, Naked, zooming, fingering Mastr...A few days ago, as an American friend of mine was telling me all about her new boyfriend and how he had asked her out with flowers, I realized how different courtship and dating is for teens in France and the US.

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