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First, the confession: I've been a fan of the website since about date 6. For various reasons, I don't think she's a fan of mine anymore (and no, I'm not one of the 50).I ordered the book back in December and forgot about it.I was surprised when it showed up on my door yesterday.I've already read it despite having other things I *should* have been doing.Amy has a very engaging writing style and I enjoyed the book immensely.The book combines several elements from her website and vastly improves them.

Amy makes a number of insightful observations about the process of dating based on her experiences and I think many of them will ring true for others as well.Her stories of the dates are interesting and wsll-told.I particularly enjoyed the bunked/debunked entries that appeared at the end of several chapters (even though I was an unmarried man at 35).Great non-fiction writing often requires a bit of masochism: Tom Wolfe dropped acid to better understand Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, George Plimpton matched up against professional boxers, and football and hockey players and then lived to write about it, and Richard C. Bush's White House on counter-terrorism issues, among countless other examples.Possibly topping that list is Amy De Zellar, whose very funny memoir Dating Amy recounts going on 50 dates.In Seattle (which has a notoriously bleak dating scene).Amongst the characters that De Zellar goes on dates with include a blind man checking out other babes, a rock critic who had never heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some guy she appropriately calls "Mistakenly Swingin'".When you start to think the book is a collection of exaggerations, you instantly remember getting phone calls from your friends late at night so they can recount the travails of evenings they can never get back.Or you remember sitting across from a younger couple at a 4 star restaurant where you here the guy can't believe that he just realized he forgot his wallet at home. Most of the dates occupy only about 7 or 8 pages, so they never go on too long or become grating.She writes in a manner that is concise and humorous. Dating Amy is part gonzo memoir, part self-help book and part tragically self-deprecating comedy routine.Ladies would probably enjoy Dating Amy because they can relate to her misery.

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