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A Place in Gramps generally refers to where an event occurred. A place is identified by a name which may change over time and can be entered in different languages.

In the fourth event, again the generated title is the first place that matches the date range.Note that the order of the Alternate Names in Figure 1 is important in title generation when the default language is blank.If the Language is specified in the Places Preferences, then that language will be used if found.If the language is not found, the first date match will be used.The title generation is done at the event update, and it not refreshed if the Place is edited.In the case where the Place is updated, the event would have to be subsequently updated as well to regenerate the title with the corresponding change in the Place. This enables different places with the same name to be distinguished from each other.For example, there are also places called Saint Petersburg outside of Russia: A title can be generated by following the links.So "Saint Petersburg, Russia" would describe the city in Russia.Figure 3 illustrates the Place Editor view (with autogenerated titles) for these cities.The place hierarchy can also be used in filters, to find all places located in another place. This makes possible more complex cases where a place moves from being located within one place into another.Alsace makes a good example: Figure 5 is the Event Editor view which illustrates that the generated title for an event is based on the date of the event when traversing the place hierarchy.

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