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Bob Geldof first met David Bowie when he hitchhiked from Dublin to Brussels to see him on tour and played him a Boomtown Rats demo. Not even in the bottom of the starter class with a handicap. Back row, from left: Johnnie Fingers, Garry Roberts, Tony Hadley, John Taylor, Simon le Bon, Martin Kemp, George Michael, Gary Kemp, Simon Crowe, Steve Norman, Aled Jones.

Still in awe 30 years on, he recalls how The Thin White Duke's kind gesture brought home the meaning of Live Aid David Bowie on stage at Live Aid in 1985. Seated, from left, Midge Ure, John Keeble, Paula Yates, Bob Geldof and David Bowie Every single new release took your breath away with its daring.

'Only a totally self-assured genius would offer to sacrifice a song as a nothing in the face of such monstrosity and call the world to attention,' said Bob Geldof On July 13, 1985 Bowie asked the planet to pay attention for a minute. The CBC-edited clips of emaciated and dying Ethiopian children, too shocking a reality for the evening news, played out to the world to the tune of the Cars song Drive. The two sexy vulpine side teeth flashed, the wonky eye sparkled its different-coloured twinkle and he said, ‘Let’s hear yeh then’ in broad Sarf Lahndan.

Beautiful young girls in the sunshine of a perfect summer’s day wilted grief-stricken like drooping flowers atop their tanned bare boyfriend’s backs, and faces stared upwards, bewildered at the utter misery.

Only a master showman would understand what was necessary, as Bowie did. The austere Thin White Duke eventually asked me who I was.

Only a totally self-assured genius would offer to sacrifice a song as a nothing in the face of such monstrosity and call the world to attention. Young me hitchhiked from Dublin to Brussels to see him on tour. I said I was in a new Irish band, The Boomtown Rats.

There was the time I bumped into him at a studio in Los Angeles in the Nineties and he insisted on taking me to the part of the complex where he was working, and stood me next to his guitarist, who was wearing virtually identical clothes to me and didn’t have any hair either. But when I met him I was always struck by his wonderful sense of humour. (David had unfortunately been unable to take part in the recording of the song.) Re-watching clips over the years, he wasn’t ‘a great interview’; I always got the sense he was slightly embarrassed at being interviewed on television. Bob Geldof asked if he’d present the Band Aid video for Do They Know It’s Christmas on TV, as the BBC had given us five minutes before Top Of The Pops to air the single. I first met David at a Kensington restaurant in the Eighties. In fact I’ll frame the photo and stick it up here over the computer).Club Paradise welcomes you to the new website of the best swinger club in Amsterdam.For everybody who loves to have a Swinging evening.Our club is specially equipped to let your erotic fantasies come true.The large spacious club is bright and offer luxury in an uniquely designed decor.The Club have multiple private areas, a swimming pool, a kinky cage, a elegance dancefloor, a sauna and Turkisch bath.

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