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alum — particularly about her divorce from Will Arnett — will be disappointed.While Poehler acknowledges Arnett in relation to their children, their separation is glossed over entirely."I don't want to talk about my divorce because it is too sad and too personal," she writes."I also don't like people knowing my s---." (Reports last week detailing the "reveal" of her past drug use also really blew the details included in the book out of proportion.) Who are the best includes plenty of new information about Poehler that even die-hard fans probably didn't know.Here are the most interesting tidbits we learned about the comedienne: 1. Poehler says one of the lessons she learned while penning was that "writing topless tends to relax me." 2.Did she inadvertently set Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss up?Poehler went into labor with her first son, Archie, hours before she was supposed to be on sketch as part of the night's lineup.After Poehler texted the cast and crew to say she'd be MIA for that night's episode, Seth Meyersprepared to do "Weekend Update" alone for the first time — and producers scrambled to find people to stand in for Poehler.

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When a cast member or writer had a piece bombing to such silence that you could almost hear their pores expelling sweat, you could always count on Amy to give them a laugh.Though to be fair, it was less a laugh and more of a cackle. It is, without exaggeration, one of my favorite sounds on earth." 4. Poehler famously impersonated Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election — and in return, the future Secretary of State, took time out of her campaign schedule to send Poehler's newborn son Archie a happy birthday message in October 2008.It's signed "Hillary Rodham Clinton* *otherwise known as your mother's double"). What's the only , there's only one sketch that Poehler says she regretted doing — and it led to a five-year feud with Oscar winner Chris Cooper.In the sketch, which aired in March 2008, Poehler plays Dakota Fanning and (as Fanning, with a deformed doll as a prop) references her upcoming film was a real movie written by Cooper's wife Marianne, which told the true story of twin sisters who had been born with cerebral palsy.The Coopers were attached to the movie because their son Jesse was born with special needs and died in 2005.After receiving an angry note from the Coopers, Poehler didn't speak to the couple until she finally apologized in 2013. She once rented Chris Farley's apartment: When she was living in Chicago, Poehlerrented an apartment that was once inhabited by fellow alum Chris Farley.Farley used to occasionally perform with Poehler's comedy group the Upright Citizens Brigade."He was incredibly nice and painfully sensitive," Poehler remembers."He would stand backstage and berate himself if he felt he didn't do a good job.It was almost like he couldn't hear how loud everyone was laughing." 7.over the years, but she does hand out some informal awards of distinction: Her favorite host: John Goodman ("because he was nice to me when no one knew my name") Most hungover "and super nice": Colin Farrell Prettiest host without makeup: Jessica Simpson "Sweetest and kindest": Bernie Mac Best-smelling: Antonio Banderas 8.

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