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For any college-bound student the year leading up to the application deadlines is extremely stressful.On top of keeping up with classes, studying for entrance exams, and visiting colleges, students have the agonizing task of creating “the list” of schools to which they want to apply.For our anxious student, this time period caused her an enormous amount of fear, uncertainty, …

Any yes, that may be partly true, but there are ways to manage this stress and anxiety.

I’m going to give you some self-care tips that I try to …

[Read more...]In light of Black History Month, we’d like to highlight the kickass, awesome, top six mental health podcasts by women and men of color.

Some of these podcasts are hosted by black therapists and completely dedicated to the topic of minority mental health, others are more general in nature with some really good mental health episodes. [Read more...]When you get involved in a serious romantic relationship with someone, it’s practically inevitable that you become a support system for your partner.

The tricky part, however, is dealing with the skeletons that come out of your partner’s closet, and your own for that matter.

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  1. The word “matchmaker” probably drums up visions of storybook middle-aged yentas in headscarves pinching your muffin tops and telling you that you’ll never meet a man while simultaneously singing songs from First, it’s important to know that matchmaking is a real thing -- a thing people in NYC do a lot, even in the Tinder Age.