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Welcome to the congregation and synagogue community in Tucson and the surrounding area. Chabad Sierra Rabbi Yossie Shemtov, Executive Director 2443 East 4th Street Tucson, AZ 85719-51 E. Tucson, AZ 85719-4335 520-881-7956 Fax: 520-327-3818

Congregations and synagogues provide opportunities to connect to your Judaism on many levels: spiritual, educational, life cycle events, holiday celebrations, social, youth groups, support and much more. Chabad Robert Eisen, Rabbi Nichole Chorny, Cantorial Soloist 5550 E Fifth St.

If you are not a member of one now, take some time to find a congregation or synagogue that will bring satisfaction into your Jewish life. Below are listings of our area congregations and synagogues. Chabad On Ephraim Zimmerman, Rabbi 1217 W Faldo Dr. Tucson AZ 85711 520-745-5550 Fax: 520-745-9058 [email protected] Alpert, Hazzan 3881 E River Road Tucson AZ 85711 520-577-1171 N Norris Ave.

We encourage you to attend services or programs at any of these that interest you and to visit their websites for more complete information. Tucson AZ 85719 520-298-6033 Becker, Rabbi 5150 E Fifth St.

Sierra Vista AZ 85635 2160 E Fry Blvd, Suite 5PMB 555 Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 USA 520-820-6256

Tucson AZ 85711 520-747-7780 Shemtov, senior Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin, Associate Rabbi 2443 E Fourth St.

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 520-458-8637 kolhamidbar. Kol 4625 E. You’ve entered Jewish Tucson, the website that connects you to every corner of our rich and diverse Jewish community, both in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.You are only clicks away from a community-wide Calendar, links to our synagogues, agencies, and programs. Browse our pages, where you’ll find opportunities to learn, celebrate, participate, meet others, and enrich your life through the warm and welcoming embrace of our Jewish community. Tot Shabbat - service pm; dinner pm This month’s special Kabbalat Shabbat Service for young families to welcome the Sabbath with stories and songs is hosted by our “littles” classes Par Par, Keshet & Shemesh & will be followed by a kid-friendly Shabbat dinner. ~Reb Sarah Leah Grafstein We are a small, friendly community of egalitarian Jews and spiritual seekers of all ages and backgrounds. Join us for joyful prayer, song, dance, music, meditation, story-telling and drumming. Experience Jewish Renewal and Carlebach Shabbat and holy days services, Torah, kabbalah and chassidus classes, Drum Shalom drumming and healing circles and spiritual salons with special guest teachers, artists and musicians. If you have any suggestions for the website, please let us know.Arizona Civil Rights Amendment, Proposition 107The proposed amendment would ban affirmative action programs in the state that are administered by statewide or local units of government, including state agencies, cities, counties and school districts.A "YES" vote shall have the effect of prohibiting the State from giving preferential treatment to or discriminating against any person or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.The prohibition applies to preferences or discrimination in public employment, education or contracting. and effective 2008 - an "African American" president... Certain ethnic groups don't get to officially and indefinitely be VICTIMS forever. Who was it that said "how can you justify murdering a murderer with a law". because at one time there was a serious problem with discrimination!

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