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Take a tour of Maple Leafs history through vivid illustration and rhyming verse!

Learning numbers has never been this fun — whether it's Tim Horton's number SEVEN, Darryl Sittler's TEN points in one game, or celebrating the Leafs' ONE HUNDRED years as a team.

This companion book to M Is for Maple Leafs will delight hockey fans both young and old. Jess is Métis, trying to escape a troubled past and setting fires to help deal with his feelings.

One, two, threes have never looked so charming as in this new picture book by Canadian illustrator Toko Hosoya, whose vibrant and fun hand-drawn sea creatures will captivate young readers. Sara Jean is a dutiful granddaughter, trying to escape a pre-ordained life and become a writer. They come together over a 250-hour community-service sentence to clean out a garage full of secrets with implications for them both.

This clever book will engage little ones and encourage them to learn their numbers as they count doughnuts on a swordfish, or an octopus’s eight ice cream cones! Rivers are powerful forces that have made civilizations rise and crumble, have both divided and linked cultures and even provide clues to where we came from. Organized around common classroom challenges, this jam-packed resource helps teachers recognize and respond to the needs of their students.

From their leafy diets to their hidden social lives, giraffes are important creatures that must be protected.In the year 2054, India has a ratio of five boys to every girl — women are a valuable commodity.In the city state of Koyanagar, boys must compete in tests to win a wife.Sudasa doesn’t want to be a wife, and Kiran, forced to compete for her, has other plans.Sudasa and Kiran thwart each other at every turn until they realize that they may want the same thing.This is a remarkably vivid account of the 1914 tragedy in which 132 sealers were stranded during a severe snowstorm off the coast of Newfoundland.Abandoned for two nights in the open, 78 men froze to death on the pack ice.Survivor testimony, striking archival materials, weather visualizations, inventive animation and puppetry are seamlessly blended to recreate this harrowing ordeal.Home consumers can watch this film for free on the NFB's website.For institutional use, organizations must purchase a subscription to CAMPUS. Canadian illustrator Toko Hosoya adds a touch of whimsy and humour in this new A, B, C picture book.Full of charming hand-drawn animals like a jaguar wearing a crown or a pig reading a book, this volume will engage little ones as they learn the alphabet.

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