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• MH17 plane crash: latest news • Foreign ministers agree more 'forceful' sanctions • Hollande aide: UK 'hypocrite' to call for French sanctions • British investigators to retrieve data from plane's black boxes • Train carrying remains of 282 people arrives in Kharkiv When asked on French television about the controversy surrounding the contract, Fabius responded with a strong dose of sarcasm.

"The British in particular were very pleasant when they said 'we would never have done that'," he said.

"Dear British friends, let's also talk about finance.

I was led to believe that there were quite a few Russian oligarchs in London." Asked by the interviewer whether he was inviting the British to put their own house in order before making comments, Fabius said, "Exactly." 21.00 Representatives to the U. civil aviation body are considering whether the agency should expand its role and issue safety advisories after a Malaysian airliner was shot down last week, two sources told Reuters.

But the sources said there was no guarantee the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) would decide to take on more responsibility.

ICAO, composed of 191 signatory states, as well as global industry and aviation organizations, has a limited role.

It cannot open or close air routes and does not warn airlines to avoid regions because of conflict.

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No one global body has overall responsibility for keeping the skies safe for civil aviation.

20.43 Harriet Alexander reports that there will be an 11am (local time) departure ceremony at Kharkiv.

At 4pm in Netherlands (3pm London) there will be a ceremony to mark the first plane touching down in Eindhoven.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be there, as well as Dutch PM Mark Rutte and many from cabinet.

There will be a one minute silence for the arrival and after bells will ring out across country.

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