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A mysterious "cosmic" jellyfish has been spotted by explorers from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, near American Samoa.The team had been conducting research in a previously unexplored seamount, called Utu Seamount, aboard NOAA's research vessel Okeanos Explorer.The goal of their mission is to conduct one of the first extensive explorations of the 13,581-square-mile marine sanctuary in which Utu Seamount is located.Using a remotely operated underwater vehicle, they stumbled upon the spectacular creature some 3,000 metres under water.The jellyfish seems to have to rows of tentacles - one faces up, while the other faces down.As it hovers through the dark, deep ocean, its digestive systems appears in red and its reproductive organs in yellow.More investigations would be needed to rule out that the luminous jellyfish is not a new species, previously unknown to science.Genetic and microscopic analyses of the new "cosmic" specimen would indeed be need to confirm what it is.

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It is known for having its gonads (sexual organs) distributed along all eight radial canals.This species was first described in a study published more than two decades ago, after being collected in the the Ross Sea, Antarctica.It's not the first time that the Okeanos Explorer brings back stunning discovery from the dark depths of the ocean.The researchers found another glowing jellyfish in the Mariana Trench last May and just over a year ago, they reported on a new species of ghost octopus.They will continue their mission until Aprin 2017, potentially discovering other incredible species along the way.Show Luni Tunz (1 sezon 05 serija iz 26) 2011 Xvi D WEB-DLRip Ser Go Le One Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro [2007] Black Swan 2011 DVDRip XVi D New Girl S02E07 Cycle HDTV x264 LOL VTV mp4 [DB-BR] Bleach 251 [04C2AF9A] 2 2 2011 01 17 16 00 Alice in Wonderland (2010) Eng DVDRip Xvi D-COALi Ti ON Shubert Pesn lubvi i otchajania 1958 Xvi D DVDRip fenix ? 18 [1280x720 - x264-AAC][e36d92dc] babes BG shazia sahari Warn Touch 720p Rydningstrailer for Ungdomshuset Heroes S01e23, [Xvi D - Mp3 - Ita] [Tn] [DMHY AC][???? classe americaine DVDRIP FR by s As Mac Gruber [2010] DVDrip[Eng]-FXG Meet the Spartans. TV 20 mp4 WWE Monday Night Raw Super Show (20) 2011 Xvi D HDTVRip Alemania 2 Escocia 0 Euro 92 NEW [TF] Kobato. ] Corazon Rebelde [Espanol, Englpan] En Busca D La Felicidad [DL DIP][Spanish][To Do] The Bold and the Beautiful Dec 14 2011 The Ultimate Fighter S11E02 HDTV Xvi D-WB - [ www torrentday com ] [email protected]???? ) NCIS Los Angeles S03E13 Exit Strategy HDTV Xvi D-LOL kmd-ppp The Exorcist (1973) BDRip [720p] [Ext Dir Cut] Blind Dating 2006 PROPER vi D-Vo Mi T Branded 2012 DVDRip MAXSPEED Jaybob Kniihttand Day i NTt CAM Xv D Hungarian-G1-Ci NEDUB SNL Counting Crows-Round Here Januari 15.1994 Late Show With David Letterman - - Jessica Biel Christina Aguilera Short Stubble Trouble 2000 HDTVRip 1080p FOR JERA ts la. HDTV Xvi D UFC 114 ESPN HDTV Xvi D-Frea K ceasers-palace info Sekret magika - Geheim, Het (2010) [DV Rip. DVDRip Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End TS XVi D SWESUB.

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