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report, the 34-year-old was taken into custody after he jumped onto a luggage conveyor belt.

He rode the carousel into an off-limits area of the airport where only staff is allowed.

I called her out on it and she wanted to get me back for it and sent these stories to the media about my children and that I'm drinking during the day and I'm like how would I get to school on time?

"They talk about Sean's generosity and Brandi says she's the same way.

Brandi also touched on her issues with Adrienne and so much more, even sharing that she's going to be working with Make-A-Wish and doesn't believe in A.

Brandi started off the interview/chat/flirtfest explaining that she reached out to Adrienne to offer her the chance to give her side on anything Sean had to say, but she responded immediately with a firm NO.

Men don't mature until about 33-34." Brandi disagrees, "I don't think men ever do – my dad, my..

People say It's like having a third child, having a husband.

I'd stand in front of a bullet for you." Adam chimes in that they need to go out, but Brandi apparently doesn't date blondes.

We can't have a conversation and say 'you know what, I'm sorry!

It was exhausting." Sean agrees, "dating me would be like having a third child."Brandi: "I had to break up with my last boyfriend.

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