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Looking for pictures of nude soccer moms, accountants and students?

Try Voyeurweb, the self-billed "highest frequented amateur photo site on Planet Earth." The site is a popular destination for the Web's ordinary folk -- if ordinary includes wanting to post pictures of oneself totally nude or engaged in explicit sex.

The site is bursting with photos, the message boards are cascading and the chat room is lively around the clock. (He won't reveal the other two, "in case I need somewhere to run to.") A former top marketing executive at one of the biggest software vendors in the world (again, he won't say which), Igor quit his job after one too many reorganizations and took time off to pursue other interests. " Convinced that content should be an interactive experience, he decided to ask "netizens to help me to build a site with their photos." Today Voyeurweb draws about 1 million unique visitors a day (1.3 million on a recent Monday). Two eight-person crews work 18 hours a day reviewing and processing submissions.

One 50-something female contributor named "jewels" affectionately refers to the destination as "our own little breakfast club." Launched four years ago, Voyeurweb is the brainchild of 42-year-old Igor Shoemaker, an entrepreneur who says he holds citizenship in four countries including the U. He surfed the Web and was struck by the way most Web sites treated content like a "one-way street." "Why are you using the Web? Contributors include a "story" along with their photos, and five editors provide "commentary." The photos vary in quality from the awkwardly posed to the artfully rendered.

Content is organized into sections such as Voyeur Shots, Private Shots and Nude in Public.

Shoemaker claims the company operates in the black.

Voyeurweb shows what can be achieved if you combine a strong editorial voice with a popular format for user contributions and a regard for community.Content is like strawberry jam, Sony of America Chairman Howard Stringer once observed."The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets." When the demand for content exceeds the productive capacity of professional writers and producers -- as Stringer argues it has in the age of the Internet -- quality heads south.Sample the offerings of even the most professionally produced online entertainment sites and you get the idea that the "jam" is spotty at best.Building community around such sites -- an essential element for future financial viability -- is like trying to grow roses in frozen tundra.But some Internet sites are bucking Stringer's sticky theorem by tapping a new and limitless source of free content: Ordinary Web users like you and me.Call it "user-generated content," "consumer created content" (Jupiter Research's term) or simply "interactive content," the approach offers more than just a solution to the "content problem." Guided by a distinctive editorial "voice," user-generated content can also be a powerful method for building strong communities of virile viral marketers.An as on so many other fronts on the Net, the adult sites are leading the way.The personality of its eccentric and restless founder is what sets Voyeurweb apart from the many thousands of world-weary adult sites out there.Igor likes to call breasts "funbagos" and refers to the female receptive position as "WFI" (Waiting For Igor).Apart from a phobia about white cotton panties, he is an effusive and supportive commentator. " "@[email protected]" recently noted on the site's main message board.

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