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You will have a sensual conversation with a nice man, our privileged customer. I looked into the mirror and decided to choose an office style. It was so short that my vulva lips were seen, so I had to put on black narrow panties. At first short transparent white blouse that revealed my nipples and areolas. At last he broke the silence: - Please, come in and have a seat at the table. Right in the centre a big realistic dildo was swaying. The man had obviously studied them for his hand was on one of the regulators. I smiled shyly and screamed when I saw what was in the middle of the armchair. Thin strips of my panties caught at the stilettos and I had to stand with one of my legs raised to remove the strips. Right on the top of the table I saw a few round control knobs resembling the controls of an audio system. I’m Margaret, – I purred and stepping carefully with my stilettos on the carpet I went to the small but strange armchair opposite the sofa. He even didn’t offer me to sit on his lap or next to him on the sofa. – He said looking at my breasts through the fabric of my blouse. And only now I noticed a man sitting on it and ogling me. There was a round glass table with a transparent table top in the middle of the room. I realized the man would see my pubis through the transparent black panties. The man moved one of the regulators a bit and the phallus disappeared. I spread my legs and started lowering down slowly onto the armchair. Making a few attempts I rose a bit and parted my lips with my fingers opening the vagina. Finally a part of the head and then the whole body of it was in my loin. - Yes, thank you, – I answered in a trembling voice. I was afraid a lecherous bitch could come, but you’re different. He was looking at me lustfully and the table even helped him to see what he wanted. – The last word turned into a moan because the man touched the control and the dildo entered me. He felt sorry for me and made the toy a bit smaller but then it entered me even deeper. Would you invite a man you don’t know well for sex?

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