Chatting naughty line

Each of us has his own fear but Sooner or later we must face it.

***************** Sachin fans watching CRICKET; Salman fans watching his MOVIES; Sania fans watching TENNIS; And my fans are always busy reading my 'Messages'.

***************** My eyes detected My heart reacted Thousand were rejected & Only you were selected.

You might or might not kill it, but youll end up slapping yourself. When you see some faults in them, Be patient and realize that : : : : : hai hee chawal ;-) ***************** I think im disturbing u Sorry This is my last msg & Ill not msg u anymore .

***************** Arguing with stupid people is like killing the Mosquito on your cheek. Good bye Never expect that from me Im born to disturb u .

***************** My eyes detected My heart reacted Thousand were rejected & Only you were selected. ************** Our friendship means a lot to me, That if we were the last people on a sinking ship and There's only one life vest, I'll..

************** Alll flowers don't represent love bt rose did it.

asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village? ************** Those innocent eyes, those kissable lips, a great smyle da perfect walk, smoothest talk, absolute gorgeous, thats enough abt meee How about u?

- - Hum apsay kuch kehna chahtay hy - - Wahi bat jo dil ko chu jaye - - Wahi pyar ke 3 lafz - - The 3 golden words - - Sudhar ja Sale ************** If U sneeze once, Think I'm remembering u. ***************** Please also recommend to your friends if you like our database of Hindi Friends Teasing Sms and best friends Sms. Itz me ************** Jab jab ghire badal teri yad ayi Jhoom k barsa sawan teri yad ayi Bhiga may phir bhe teri yad ayi Ab nahin raha jata CHHATRI LAUTA DE BHAI ************** Open with love!! you are not my frnd because you are like meee, but because I accept you & respect you the way you are. ************** Whats the Naughty thing about an Examination Hall?? ************** If I was a painter, you would be my painting. ***************** friendship is not about finding similarities, it is about respecting differences. That"s true" Believe me" I swear because love is definitely blind. A Qualified Person Who Gives You An Expensive Critical Analysis About Yourself, Which Your Friends Give You "Free" Of Cost Daily ! ***************** A daily thought, A silent tear, A Constant wish that you are near, Words are few but thoughts are deep, Memories of our frndship i will always keep.. ************** When somebody who is deeply in Love with you tells that You are cute" beautiful" & angelic" I agree. ************** Met u, became frnds, shared secrets, freaked out, had fun, fought with u, Laughed with u, Smiled with u, Cried with u, Hurt u, Teased u, And here i am, still thinking of u.. you suported me when i was in tears, we stuck together when we were in fear. ***************** A fiernd is like a flower, a rose to be exact, Or maybe like a brand new gate that never comes unlatched. ************** I think I'm disturbing you Sorry This is my last msg & I'll not msg you anymore . Friend: Yeh to kuch be nai, jab maine pehli bar tumhari shakal dekhi thi to me b 3 din apni hassi nahi rok paya tha. ************** A smile is cheer from you to me, the cost is nothing its given for free. ***************** Age appears to be best in some things. we went through moments that were good and bad, even moments that were happy and sad. I think of you with great delight you are almost part of my life. ***************** God made the world with a heart full of love, then He looked down from Heaven above, And saw that we all need a helping hand, Someone to share with, who'll understand. That we'll still be best friend when we're old and in nursing homes chasing in our mobile chairs. Good bye Never expect that from me I'm born to disturb you . Of course you know the first one - - - - - It's keeping your mouth shut!! br ************** Boy to his friend: Dekh wo larki meri taraf dekh ke muskura rahi hai. Unlike blessings in which we pray its the only thing you keep when you give it away. Old rice best to eat and old frnds best to keep ***************** Thank u, frnd, for all the things That mean so much to me For concern and understanding you give abundantly ***************** you are my friend and that is true, but the gift was given from me to you. ***************** I miss u when you are out of sight Our friendship bond was meant to be. All the times we argue and fight, I know deep inside that it is not right. Its The Only Place Where; Boys can Openly Say to a Girl: "KUCH TO DIKHA DO" ************** I pinky promise ... ************** Smiling is the second best thing you can do with your lips... As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry and till the day I die. ************** Never abuse your sincere friends, When you see some faults in them, Be patient and realize that, : : hay hei chawal... ***************** you are frndly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always dare... ***************** you are my frnd because you are always there, If there's sadness around or in the air, you at night, in the morning or anytime of day, you are there to cheer me up and chase the sadness away. They carry the load of all our difficulties, in life forever and guess what? ************** Subah ko haste ho, Sham ko haste ho, Raat ko haste ho, Aate time haste ho, Jate time haste ho, Kay samajte ho, Aap akele hi brush karte ho. That a concept has no meaning without an apposing force? Do we really have time to live our lives enough to appreciate that we can never reallygrasp one without the other?

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