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upset the apple cart, shake the bee hive, agitate a huge swath of people.😃I know the old adage — never discuss religion or politics. Before proceeding, I need to state this: I genuinely and sincerely appreciate everyone who has uttered my name in a prayer since learning of my cancer diagnosis, through chemo/radiation treatments, surgery and post-surgery recovery.

Although many people, especially Christians, would consider me a lost soul, I feel more “found” and at peace as an agnostic than I ever did as a Christian.I’m writing this to express my beliefs and to learn more about yours (and mine in the process).I suspect that I’m part of a silent majority of those who feel disenfranchised with organized religion without any place to turn. This is not the same thing as being an atheist, who don’t believe in any higher power.I absolutely believe there is a higher intelligence at work in this universe.There’s no way all of this just happened randomly, billions of years ago.(BTW, is it possible to believe in intelligent design and the theory of evolution?)I love consuming content about astrophysics (the very big) and quantum mechanics (the very small) — it is mind-blowing stuff.Neil de Grasse Tyson is my favorite, although my dad’s love for Carl Sagan rubbed off on me as a kid.It’s very common for those in the scientific community to side with quantifiable facts and empirical proof, which typically is not aligned with anything related to “faith”.But for me, all of this, the big and the small, highlights the truth that there is an intelligent designer at work.I remember the “watchmaker analogy” from college:(1) The complex inner workings of a watch necessitate an intelligent designer.(2) As with a watch, the complexity of X () necessitates a designer.

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