Clenec sex

Hello everyone, I m Vijay a regular fan of this site, and I submit stories regularly too This story happened in pune…. It happened 1 year back, I was 24 year old and was back in pune for my last year engineering exams when I fell sick, I went to the best hospital in hadapsar, and as soon as I entered the hospital’s clinic, I saw her, her name was Pooja, she was busty, with very good figure, huge boobs of 36C or DD, I just kept staring at her boobs and her face, her lips were so inviting, she looked just like a typical Guajarati or MP girl, I thought she is a nurse, but she had a doctors device on her neck, I went inside for checkup and saw her coming in………. I was blushing red, I wanted to be treated for loose motions and a HOT young female doctor was in front of me…. I said to myself ok and went to the cot………she came, she at first asked me some questions and then touched my stomach…….feeling was great…soft hand was touching my stomach………luckily I had done 3 months continuous GYMN and was totally fit, my tummy was normal, not too much out , not too much thin, I had a bit Abs built up too, she was pushing my stomach at all directions and poking it, I was feeling so hot, my LUND was straight in air, because of the ultra stretch jeans, she could see my Lund in air in full strength wanting to come out to fuck her, but I was not noticing it, she took total 5 minutes to check my stomach, in this process, she took my shirt up and was checking stomach directly by hand, her hand was touching me directly now, she then went down a bit, and she inserted her fingers in my underwear a bit, she could feel my JHAT’s,pubic hairs….

wow, she was HOT, I wanted to suck and kiss her there only, but I am a controlled guy, I waited and asked her when will doctor come? She replied, I AM the doctor, I was shocked…………I said YOU ARE DOCTOR? honestly, I was thinking she will call her dad for checkup, but she said…….. I was ashamed, I was also touching her hand all the time to stop her, but she was so fast on the stomach, that I could not stop her, her hands were feeling warm and soft, I totally grabbed her hands, she after a long time stopped checking and checked my blood pressure in the bicep’s, BUT she grabbed my bicep completely, and was checking how much it was well built because of gymn, she was staring at my eyes too….gave me the signal that she is also crazy about me, she kept of checking the bicep’s for long time, by now, because of the pressure balloon on my bicep’s, my hand was paining, she then told me to get up and sit in chair, I went there, in this process, she asked me a lot of things like, where u study, what u do, who was on phone…..

She wrote me the prescription and her name as the signature….

I talked all the time; I was driving the bike so slow that it took us 1 hour to reach the pub in no traffic at night!

she told me to get some speed with bike sometimes…………

we reached the pub, I did not care about the fees, and ordered couple of tequila shots, she also liked them, and we started dancing on the floor, in this, I grabbed her back, and once grabbed her buttock’s.. too she told me she wants to pee, so I took her to the bathroom, it was common bathroom with staff inside the bathroom, I gave a kiss on her cheeks and sent her in….

after some time I went inside to check if she is ok, she told me she is feeling dizzy and can vomit any moment…I then grabbed her by her kamar, and was totally stuck to her and took her down by lift to the bike, she grabbed me very tightly as instructed by me so that she wont fall off the bike……..

it was so HOT experience, she was hugging me from back totally, I could feel her huge soft boobs on my back…

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