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the royal drums are sounding: ni a utwile, I have heard them.

of nouns which have the plural in ma- (class bu-ma, li-ma, lu-ma) they, them: Maoma a lila. with nouns of same classes: Mabizo a bona, their names; masimu a ka, my gardens.

-akufanga to go on hastening: Ya akufanga, one who is agile.-akula (akuzi) v.t.

-alabana (alabani or alabanile) (1) to answer each other. to doctor, to give medicine to, to nurse, to treat, to dress a wound: Ku alafa mukuli, to treat a patient.

-alafela (alafezi) to nurse for: Ni alafele mwan'a ka, nurse my child for me.

-alafelela (ala felezi) to give everyone medical treatment: ba alafelezi munzi kau-fela, they have treated everyone in the village. -ikalafa (ikalafile) to take medical care of oneself, to treat oneself.-alauka (alaukile) or -aloka (alokile) v.t.

-alaukisa (alaukisize) (1) to cause a canoe to wobble through defective paddling (2) to cause swaying (said of a kilt, as worn by the Malozi).

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