Conservative guys dating

Every few months or so, some idiot writes a column postulating that perhaps the reason that angry little men do destructive things is because women won’t date them.

(Speaking from experience, I remember a question on a dating website questionnaire in approximately early 2011 asking about the respondent’s view on guns.

But I guess that’s not political, and abortion is.)Further, it’s not clear why political beliefs should be something Trump-voting men should be allowed to conceal until they have successfully lured a woman into their lairs, only to suddenly brandish it like an unannounced pair of nipple clamps. If a woman doesn’t want to date somebody who doesn’t support Planned Parenthood, dating sites should make it easier for her to screen for that before she wastes an evening arguing about whether , which argued that there are inherent racial differences in intelligence.

There are few things more tedious than spending time with a person who yammers on about Charles Murray, because Charles Murray was a racist and his ideas are racist.

piece also presents a confusing portrait of the sort of woman these conservative men are angry will not date them. Why would any respectable real tough American-style guy want to date us?

As a left-leaning woman, I’ve read a lot about how my type are fat unattractive lesbian sluts who are, despite their lesbianism and unattractiveness to men, frequently getting pregnant via having sex with men, and then having abortions. Why would our not dating the people who think we are fat unattractive lesbian abortion sluts make any difference to those people? The entire piece is tiresome, for the reasons that other iterations of the same idea are tiresome.

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