Cop dating

After Joey saw Monica and Chandler doing a crossword together, he dreams about non-sexual closeness with her; they stop him moving out, and suggest their relationship probably looks so appealing because it started as friendship; so Joey transfers his interest to Rachel, who isn't interested.

Phoebe finds a wallet with NYPD badge at Central Perk; after Chandler points out playing cop with real people is a serious crime, she decides to bring it to the police station, but pulls it a last time on her way- to the real cop, Gary.

Ross buys a couch, refuses to pay almost as much for delivery just three blocks, but can't manage getting it up the staircase with Rachel; Chandler as third man just gets caught, the couch gets it even worse.

Everyone is scared when Gary shows up, but he only wants to take Phoebe out.

In-jokes and obscure references: Rachel references Jane Pauley from Dateline NBC (1992) as the only woman she'd ever kiss while helping Ross getting his couch upstairs to his apartment.

Jane Pauley has twins (a boy and a girl) born in 1983 named Ross and Rachel.

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She says she trusted the man she was dating because he told her he was a police officer, according to WNEP. The woman from Wayne County received a message from Jerry Kudajeski.He said he was an Avoca police officer interested in getting to know her."Actually, he knew people that I knew, and his profession, and we just kind of hit it off on the phone, and it kind of went from there." She says within five weeks it was over and her bank account about ,000 short."It was only a few weeks until he was into my information and into the bank account and I didn't realize it." Kudajeski is now behind bars and facing a felony fraud charge for what happened late last month. He had run out of gas and asked for the numbers to her Honesdale National Bank debit card. I felt bad and said, 'alright.' and I did something totally against my gut instinct." Before she noticed, about ,000 went missing from her account.Police say Kudajeski used it to pay bills for his family.It turns out he's married and the woman suspects the only thing remotely truthful Kudajeski told her was about his job.He previously served as an Avoca police sergeant in 2014 but the chief of the department says Kudajeski resigned almost three years ago."There's a menagerie of things that I missed." The woman would work with police to arrest Kudajeski.She asked to meet him Tuesday evening in Carbondale.She spotted him at a Turkey Hill in town where police put him in cuffs.The woman says watching it all, she felt sorry for her former boyfriend and embarrassed about being made a victim, but, she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

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