Crouch end dating

I thought I would write a little bit of my view upon dating an “Available Mum”.

I sit with these terminology a lot better, as “single mum” really puts the aspect of – destined to be alone right?

I just wanted to let you know, I don’t actually believe that is the case.

I broke up with my Baby’s Dad 11 months ago and I can tell you it was amicable.

We broke up because as much as we tried, we just were not happy together.

We had a lot of respect for each other (we still do) but we lost the feeling and throw a baby into the mix, and there were too many small arguments and all of a sudden we were “too tired”.

I met a guy in a bar the other day, randomly, not from an App, I was having a wine before meeting a friend for dinner. Any how, he bought me a drink, he had been sitting with his friends and noticed I was alone (actually I was probably talking and catching up with you guys on Instagram) he asked my name, last name as well, stalking purposes I guess, and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with him soon.

If you are wondering if this was a Carly Rae Jepsen moment – Call Me Maybe.. I got home and he had Facebook friend requested me..

It is still sitting in the request box and I will fill him in at dinner next week – keeping in mind if he likes me it shouldn’t be an issue and if it is then priorities are different and that is dodging a bullet.

I haven’t been on too many dates, but every time I have, I have sat in the car before the date or in an Uber texting two of my best friends – one who is a new Mum freaking out about how I am casually going to slide it into the conversation.

The first ever date I went on post Baby Daddy, I have never been SO anxious in my life.

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