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So I've heard two reactions from women about "cougars"—defined here as "attractive older women who are desirable to, or mutually desire, much younger men." One group of women gets a kick out of the term.

These women are middle-aged and think that it's pretty trendy that any woman over 45 can saunter down the street and have men's eyes follow her; If those eyes are under 30, so much the better.

This satisfaction arises in boomers (or their older sisters) because they all grew up in eras in which Hollywood thought women were past their sexual prime by their late 20s.

Except for very few occasions, women over 35 were simply absent as romantic leads (although they might be loyal sidekicks or pathetic man-chasers).

Sexy older role models were almost nonexistent—so it was shocking and swell when older female movie stars started having love affairs on screen ("Bridges of Madison County") and off.

When these relationships proved to be loving and stable, it was like a breath of fresh air billowed around women's erotic prospects.

The picture of a cougar—sensual, independent, and gloriously self-confident—was a welcome image to many middle-aged babes.

But of course, there's another take on the cougar phenomenon.

Cougar critics think of these women as predatory rather than passionate.

They think older women who are having active sex lives with younger partners sleazy, especially if the women's lovers are young enough to be their sons (or their daughters).

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