Dating a sarcastic woman

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Considering true meanings yet a joke here and there. I am going to answer as if the question was whether I would date a sarcastic person.Would you enjoy a great companionship by a sarcastic woman? Given that sarcasm, by definition, is a cutting remark designed to wound, I think it would get old really quickly if that was the person's only humour style.

By using it someone brings down someone and elevates themselves. Still, I don't mind it if it is used only occasionally as it does have a purpose. If it's all the time or directed poorly then it's wholly unappealing.As with all things what is attractive to one person is unattractive to another. As long as the sarcasm is reasonably intelligent and it was not thier only form of humor and it was not used to excess then I find it entertaining.Come to think of it the woman who I have had the longest relationship with in my life was good at using sarcasm effectively. I like people who are funny but not in sarcastic form. I will admit I read Dostoyevsky " the idiot" when I was 21, I was a geek back then , My Nana loved Dostoyevsky, and you are right, it will put you to sleep, between his books and the tax code its great reading material if you are suffering from insomnia. depends on whether he's a one act wonder with his humor style, and whether his snark is really designed to wound, or merely to banter. It is a big part of my personality, and I couldn't care less who can't deal.And yes I would date someone who was effective at using sarcasm again. Sarcasm maybe ok for others but I don't like it, nothing worse than a perpetual smart azz. Come to think of it, my best friends are sarcastic, including my two of my godchildren, I hope I wasn't the one that influenced them lol. For the record, just because a person is sarcastic does not automatically mean the sarcasm will be demeaning.ahhhhhh Dostoyevsky’s take on Sarcasm, its funny ( pardon the pun) reading famous authors take on sarcasm, Oscar Wilde supposedly made the quote" sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" although I dont think there is proof he actually said that, yet his work is full of sarcasm so who knows? depends if she is mean spirited its a Hell no, sarcasm is in being cheeky or a smart ass in selected situation is okay. Ive been known for being sarcastic hmmmmmmm Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky penned many pithy and oft-quoted lines. I'd have no problem dating another sarcastic woman... This thread is really interesting to me because I had one of those moments where you learn something new.I was watching a movie last week the first " die hard" with Bruce Willis and he was sarcastic in that movie and so was Alan Rickman and it was funny, yet Ive seen Bruce in other movies displaying sarcasm and it wasn't funny as a matter of fact it was kind of dull. Admittedly I've never read his books for they make me sleepy. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule. "Be a fruitloop in a world of cheerios," for example, is also one of his. I now realize after reading all the posts that sarcastic men (in my experience) tend to be intelligent and very funny (all my favorite posters on the forums other than Jess are sarcastic) but they don't use sarcasm when they're angry. People who use sarcasm in anger are passive-aggressive and they're not usually neither sarcastic nor funny when not angry. Some people use sarcasm so much, it is hard to tell when they are trying to be funny or being mean.I don't believe anyone actually has finished one of his books except maybe his mom. He is too accomplished an actor to rely on sarcasm. ;-)There, you see OP other than soicat, no one likes sarcastic women. If his books make you sleepy, you might prefer his graphic novels. If I were to never date women who displayed that tendancy on occasion I think my dating pool would be rather small. I have been known to be sarcastic when joking around, but never in a serious moment. I had the displeasure of being on a date with someone who thought he was being funny when referring to the person serving our table.Except in Los Angeles where they'll steal one liners right off your profile for their standup. I would NOT date or be in a relationship w/ a sarcastic man.(sär'kăz'əm) n. Well since I'm a proud geek I'll have to heft one of his books (is there one that doesn't weigh 11 pounds? I was going to say something sarcastic about sarcasm OP but then I realize that I address the very topic on my profile and I'd be caught in a lie (again) I also have a quote from Oscar Wilde somewhere on there. I think I have read sarcastic posts from just about all of the regulars on this forum. I hoped he was enjoying himself because he wouldn't be seeing my face after that night. As with so many other characteristics and labels, there is sarcasm, and there is sarcasm.Proving that even though I've never finished War and Peace (ok, never got beyond the first 20 pages), I am indeed what passes for a sarcastic geek. While we are quoting Dostoyevsky"Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering"could this be the root of Sarcasm? I don't care what the dictionary says about this, and I don't care what famous people have said about it.One thing that is for sure, especially as regards the latter, when someone who is bad at sarcasm has to deal with someone who is adept at it, especially if they find themselves to be the target of it, they will naturally say something cutting about it.I also have seen famous quotes about other characteristics and behaviors, which are considered to be positives in most cases.

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