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The program offers a wide range of online data as well as providing technical support to both local and county government agencies through highly trained and experienced staff.Today, many Westchester County GIS products and services are also integrated into and provide content for commercial and third-party applications.Westchester County GIS pioneered development of the first countywide digital base map in 2000 which now provides the spatial foundation of the County's GIS program.Subsequent photogrammetric projects in 2004, 2007, and 2013 provided the basis for ongoing maintenance of strategic countywide orthophotograpy and large-scale planimetric datasets.Historic aerial photography, dating back to 1947, has also been made available in many online mapping applications.Maintaining state-of-the-art computing and GIS facilities in White Plains, New York, Westchester County GIS staff utilizes the latest versions of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) software for internet, desktop, and mobile applications, with Oracle as its database management system.Constantly evolving with new technologies, Westchester County GIS continues to maintain a broad countywide presence in government programs with current focus in the areas of critical infrastructure management, emergency response and public safety, land use and environmental planning, transportation and airport systems, County real estate and land records, and public health.Join us with other geospatial professionals at the 2018 Westchester GIS User Group Meeting on May 17th at Purchase College.Listen & participate in a wide range of geospatial presentations covering the areas of web mapping, data collection, and much more.This year's theme is "GIS for Resiliency and Sustainability".Please check our website regularly for more information and updates on registration and agenda.

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