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No, not the one that the Stilley family has coming this Thursday!There is no shortage of conversation on that around our home already, and we are excited for our son and our new daughter-in-law as this wonderful day approaches.The marriage I have in mind is not my marriage or yours.Nor is it the institution of marriage, which seems to be moving in dishonorable and God-ignoring directions at every turn in our country.No this morning, I want to talk to you about Christ's love for His bride, the Church.I want to speak to you about His devotion and sacrifice for what is, for Him, the unrivaled passion of His heart.And I want to argue that if the church means this much to Jesus, it ought to mean that much to you and me.In fact, I want to pick up on this analogy that Paul uses of Christ's love for the church and ask you a very important question: Are you married or just dating the church? Dating is a kind of trial period in a relationship where your commitments are soft, relationships are tentative, and you keep your options open.Marriage is a covenant relationship of devotion and sacrifice and joy.In marriage, you've burned the ships, there's no turning back, and you only have eyes for the one to whom you have pledged yourself.So I ask you again: are you married to the church-- fully devoted, making sacrificial investments of time and money and energy?

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