Dating catwoman

[Batman and Robin catch Catwoman unmasked, and recognize her as Bruce Wayne's love interest.] Robin: Holy heartbreak! [Sad music plays as Batman stares pensively into the distance.] Robin: Batman, I... one of those things, in the life of every crime fighter. Catwoman: My pet cats will soon silence that insolent tongue say lovely?

my life." "You didn't have a life." "As a demented declaration of love? You have killed innocent people." "Oh, well, that... He interrupted me while I was leaving you a present, which, apparently, you didn't even find. Chat Noir is the government-sanctioned superhero son of Commissioner Agreste.Chat Noir is also hopelessly in love with clever and charismatic treasure thief Ladybug, much to his father’s despair. Tony discovers Stane's betrayal while he's still being held captive.Ladybug, in turn, is actually working on the side of good, trying to keep magical artifacts out of the hands of Commissioner Agreste’s secret criminal empire — not that anyone would believe her. When he escapes, he sets out to ruin Stane as completely and ruthlessly as he can, playing up his PTSD and quitting his job to destroy Stane quietly from the outside.He also picks up a teaching job-all Pepper's fault-and oh, right, becomes a supervillain.Okay, that one was Tony's fault, but it was totally an accident.In the meantime, a certain Capsicle is defrosted a year early, and is assigned the task of capturing the notorious Iron Man.It's not going particularly well, if the embarrassingly high number of times he's been kidnapped in the past six months is any indication.When SHIELD decides to help him "adjust" by getting him a teaching job, Steve is skeptical; but then there's Tony, and Steve finds he doesn't mind the 21st century so much after all.“You want to know what it’s like to be helpless…to be one of us.” When a near-death experience brings Superman’s desire for Batman out into the open, a dark and surreal relationship grows between the two heroes.

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