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Lincolnshire, situated on the East Coast, is England's fourth largest County, encompassing coastal resorts, fen lands, vales and wolds.

Lincolnshire holds a wealth of heritage sites, seaside resorts and unspoiled countryside in which to relax.

The Red Arrows RAF display team are based in the County and can be seen from time to time practising their adventurous displays in the sky above Lincolnshire.

The historic City of Lincoln has many historic attractions.

The triple towered Cathedral dominates the city and is surrounded by medieval buildings.

The Norman Castle (begun in 1068 by William the Conqueror), holds events in the summer.

Walk along its walls for magnificent views of the City and surrounding countryside.

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This is an area rich in history, with hidden hamlets and ancient woodlands.The Rivers Witham, Slea and Till ensure rich farmland and opportunities for good fishing within the area.In north Lincolnshire the rolling chalk of the Wolds meets the lush Ancholme Valley.Visit Barton Upon Humber, to see Europe's longest single span suspension bridge.Walkers can traverse the Viking Way, from the Humber Bridge to Lincoln.The market town of Epworth, is the birthplace of world Methodism - the Wesley family home, the Old Rectory, is now a museum.Brigg is home to one of England's great horse fairs, dating from the 13th century and held every year in August.The Fenland of Lincolnshire, the marshy land around The Wash, has been drained for centuries to create some of Britain's richest agricultural land.Visit the towns of Boston, Crowland and Spalding, to enjoy their unique atmosphere and the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside.Contact Fens Tourism in Spalding for waterways, walking and cycling guides to the Lincolnshire Fens.The Vales of south west Lincolnshire have several nature reserves noted for their wildlife and many rare plants.

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