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They often had both parents working, were exposed to daycare and divorce, and became known as "latchkey kids." They are a well-educated generation with many having tertiary qualifications and are resourceful, individualistic, self-reliant and skeptical of authority. Millennials are very technology wise and are comfortable with ethnically diverse groups.

Their values are similar to Veterans in that they are optimistic, confident, sociable, and have strong morals and a sense of civic duty.

The other day a friend of mine made an interesting observation: "I've seen more and more of my 30-something female friends be pursued by guys in their early 20s. I wonder if it's the generational difference." That's when it struck me: Are Generation Y guys (and women) more optimistic about marriage and family than Generation X?

After all, Millennials were the "Baby on Board" generation.

Regardless of whether or not their parents stayed married, these kids were instilled with a high view of family life.

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When I was dating my 23-year-old husband, I remember Candice Watters telling me that Kevin was in what she considered to be "the valor years." She told me she had observed men in their early 20s being especially courageous when it came to pursuing women.

And, she felt, that as men aged into their 30s and beyond, they lost some of that ambition.

But perhaps age isn't informing those men's actions as much as their optimistic, team-oriented, idealistic view of marriage.

Remember that great article in "Did I Get Married Too Young?

" In it, the author, David Lapp, who married at 22 (last year), lauds the benefits of early marriage.

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