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Trifari Weiss Kramer Coro, Corocraft & Vendome Lisner Napier Monet Park Lane Avon Sarah Coventry Marvella JJ Art Alice Caviness Hobe' Miriam Haskell Florenza Eisenberg Hattie Carnegie Beaujewels D&E, Juliana and Juliana Style Robert Hollycraft Bogoff Krementz Schiaparelli Warner Boucher Harry Iskin Kenneth Jay Lane, KJL, Kenneth Lane Mazer Brothers & Jomaz Little Nemo Austria Accessocraft N. Gielar Joseff of Hollywood Michal Negrin Theodor Fahrner Spratling Unger Brothers Rebajes Gerard Yosca Los Castillo Cini Star-Art Coppola e Toppo Walter Lampl Los Ballesteros Lanvin Flying Colors Mizpah Virgil Cantini Ed Levin Lilly Dache Dodds Limoges langani Perli Bill Schiffer Duane Pastelli Botticelli Triad Tara Jewels by Julio Amy Lacombe Escada Irena Bryner, Irena Brynner Marlene Margot de Taxco Gale Thomas L.

Robert De Mario Pell Ciner Nettie Rosenstein Matisse and Renoir Miracle Bergere Erwin Pearl Beaucraft Carl Art Laguna Gerry's Brooks Karu Arke Whiting & Davis BSK Joan Rivers Musi Givenchy Les Bernard Schreiner Judy Lee Sandor Barclay Cadoro Christian Dior Mylu Mimi di N Regency Jewelarama Danecraft Pauline Rader Sherman Schrager Carolee Eugene Beatrix 1928 Stanley Hagler, Mark Mercy & Ian St.

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Labre Robyn Rush Cony/Victoria Chico's D'orlan, Dorlan Elsa Freund Mamselle de Passille- Sylvestre Donald Stannard Here is what we hope you will find a glossary of jewelry and accessories terms and definitions to help research your jewels, compacts, cufflinks etc.

We will add as many terms as we can, however this is not intended to be an all inclusive list.

A group of many glassy minerals that are used as gemstones.

The members of this group all share similar chemical structure. Gold is mixed with other metals, usually copper to make it stronger and less expensive. It is the most malleable of all the metals and it is also ductile. Gold that is alloyed comes in several colors including; pink, white and green. An item of jewelry made of base metal that has been coated mechanically with a layer of gold.

Pyrope is the common deep red garnet that was usually found in Victorian jewelry. Cameos and Intaglios were popular and men wore jewelry. The weight of the amount of gold must be equal to 1/20 of the weight of the item. This means that the item was coated with 12 Kt gold and that the item is at least 1/20 gold.

Garnets come in many colors with the exception of blue. It was thought that the garnet would bring the wearer good luck. Covers the period of 1714 - 1830 in British history. The styles ranged from Rococo to Gothic and Neoclassical. Here is an example of how Gold filled jewelry is usually marked 1/20 G. Jewelry of other items with a thin layer of gold applied to the surface.

Some members of this family include: Andradite, Demantoid which is rare and green in color, and Melanite. This period was during the reign of Kings George I to IV. During the reign of King George the first, jewelry consisted of large extravagant stones. This thin layer, less than .175 microns in thickness, is applied by dipping or burnishing the metal.

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