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Gaṇaprajātantrī Bāṃlādēśa), is a country in South Asia.

It shares land borders with India and Myanmar (Burma).

Nepal, Bhutan and China are located near Bangladesh but do not share a border with it.

The country's maritime territory in the Bay of Bengal is roughly equal to the size of its land area.

Bangladesh is the world's eighth most populous country.

Dhaka is its capital and largest city, followed by Chittagong, which has the country's largest port.

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The politically dominant Bengali Muslims make the nation the world's third largest Muslim-majority country.Most of Bangladesh is covered by the Bengal delta, the largest delta on Earth.The country has 700 rivers and 8,046 km (5,000 miles) of inland waterways.Highlands with evergreen forests are found in the northeastern and southeastern regions of the country. The longest unbroken sea beach, Cox's Bazar Beach is located here.It is home to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.The country's biodiversity includes a vast array of plant and wildlife, including endangered Bengal tigers, the national animal.The Greeks and Romans identified the region as Gangaridai, a powerful kingdom of the historical subcontinent, in the 3rd century BCE.Archaeological research has unearthed several ancient cities in Bangladesh, which enjoyed international trade links for millennia.The Bengal Sultanate and Mughal Bengal transformed the region into a cosmopolitan Islamic imperial power between the 14th and 18th centuries.The region was home to many principalities that made use of their inland naval prowess.It was also a notable center of the global muslin and silk trade.

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