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Dear Pink Hair Girl, Among me and my friends, most of us in our mid 20s, I’m one of the only girls who hangs out in the regular group.

So for the first time in a while I’ve been single for a few months, and to no one’s surprise, some of my guy friends are starting to show signs of liking me as more than just a friend.

What’s the best way to do this to keep things with my friends going as smoothly as possible?Boys will be boys, and now that the girl who they already know is fun to hang out with is on the market, they’ve gotta test the water. Some of it is probably harmless and just fun for them, but it is serious business for the ones who’ve started to develop actual romantic feelings towards you.You hope it’s just Mario and Luigi that you’ve got to carefully consider feelings for, but it’s possible that Shyguy is in there, unable to step up and really contend with them because he’s the kind of geek who’s not good at flirting.You also may want to be extra sure that Mario isn’t taking the flirting thing too far and that he’s genuinely interested in a serious relationship with you in before you set your sights on him.Making a wrong move in this emotional minefield might send the whole group exploding into Awkward Town.So honey, calling this a messy situation might be the understatement of the year.Now, I don’t happen to personally know what your group dynamic is like. I’m gonna assume they’re all flaming emo angerbabies, and I’ll prepare you for the worst case scenario.I’m hoping that you’re all mature adults who have learned how to deal with social unease or rejection with grace and underst–aw, who am I kidding? You’re going to have use your own knowledge of how your group handles social awkwardness to gauge how far to take my advice. By this point, I bet everyone in the group knows the score anyway.Your friends probably know there’s some sort of battle for your affection happening beneath the surface of your group hangouts.At the very least, they can see what Mario and Luigi are doing.And they probably have not said a word about it to each other openly in any amount of seriousness. Do not count on them to smooth this over with one another.

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