Dating someone who doesnt ask out on weekend

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The first 3 weeks we saw each other every weekend, 1 week was during the day, 1 out clubbing and the other we went for a few drinks and then watched a DVD. He is extremely affectionate towards me and cant keep his hands or his eyes to himself really.I have been seeing this guy for around 5 weeks now. He takes an interest in everything about me too and we have such a laugh together. It's like he either finds it hard to ask me out or hes just not that into me.He asked me out the first time after texting for ages but the next weekend he made it blatant he had no plans whats so ever, several times but never asked me out. HELP GUYS x You have to understand that not everything is black and white.In the end I just said did you wanna do something then and he said yes he will call after rugby to arrange which he did. Sometimes he can take up to 5 hours to respond to a text I have sent but one that he had started. There doesn't have to be 2 options: Interested / Not Interested.Last weekend he asked what I was up to and I said I had plans fri but not sat. My question is, if you lose interest in a girl, would you keep in contact (texting) most days? There can be mildly interested enough to send a text, but not interested enough to plan a date.He said theres a rave going on and he would send me the invite on facebook which he did straight away. There can be interested enough to grope you in the hopes of getting some action, but not interested enough to court you with romance.

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There can be interested enough to tell you where he's planning to go, but not interested enough to go there specifically with you.There can be interested enough to keep texting you if he has nothing better going on, but not interested enough to ask you out.There can be interested enough to respond to a text, but not interested enough to respond sooner than 5 hours.As a woman who has been dealing with a guy playing games for a year now, I can tell you it's an emotional rollercoaster and not a good experience.Lots of women wait around, thinking the guy might change-myself included, but that doesn't happen.If he's playing games in the beginning, he will probably continue in this pattern.I know it's so frustrating when you REALLY like someone, but just keep in mind that you are a pretty girl and there are lots of other guys out there that would love to talk to you and NOT play games. Younger guys really don't understand women enough, so maybe it is just an age thing? He is probably just a little unsure of how to go about things..guys don't figure out the game until they are in their early 30's...sometimes even later. He works with his dad and his brother but its not every day! Maybe his dad helps him out as he has a nice big house and drives a nice car. Really appreciated x I see your point for sure but I'm talking about the way he is not whats happening around him. He worked as a Stone Maison for 5 years and was on a very good wage so I actually think he has just saved up in this time and using this until he finds another job. Hes not a silly little 22 year old you probably have pictured which I would have done from my message.I dont normally go for younger guys but he is so grown up, I keep thinking hes older then me. I've not had this issue with a guy before where hes showing all the right signs apart from the asking out. I cant get all details written down or you would have got bored reading. If you want to know, he's the only one that has the answer for you.With the taking 5 hours to respond to a text, this has only happened twice in 5 weeks. I think I'm just gonna play it cool and see what happens in the next few weeks. All I really need to know is would a guy keep texting nearly every day and suggesting I go to places hes going if he wasnt interested? OR maybe he's trying to be aloof to spark your interest. If you like him, just tell him you expect to be ASKED. The more direct you are, The easier it is to deal with em. Is he suggesting places he's going and telling you that he'll pick you up?He texts at all times of the day at not just one time. Sometimes a guy might not be direct in asking, maybe not wanting to foot the bill as in a "date" (not economically feasible when you do not have a steady job and cannot presume "daddy" will give him allowance).So the conclusions are1) Hes mildly interested2) Hes possibly shy when is comes to asking me out direct Any others would be appreciated? While some guys wants a woman to initiate at times, not just them asking her out especially having dated a few weeks and he's the only one asking.

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