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On the afternoon of 29 November 1970, a man and his two daughters were hiking in the foothills of the north face of Mount Ulriken, in an area known as the Isdalen Valley.They found a partially-charred female, hidden among some rocks, in an area popularly known as "Death Valley".Also found were a dozen pink phenobarbital sleeping pills (brand name Fenemal); a packed lunch; an empty quart bottle of St.Hallvards liqueur; two plastic bottles that smelled of petrol; and a silver spoon with the monogram filed off. Her neck was bruised, possibly by a blow, and her fingerprints had been sanded away.Her teeth indicated she had been to a dentist in the Far East, Central/Southern Europe or South America.Police immediately launched a full-scale investigation. Composite sketches, based on witness descriptions and analysis of her body, were published in the Norwegian media and circulated in many countries via INTERPOL.They found two suitcases belonging to the woman at an NSB railway station in Bergen.

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An Italian photographer's postcard was found in the woman's luggage.

When police spoke with him, he said he had given her a lift to Hotel Alexandra in Loen. The photographer said the woman told him she was from a small town north of Johannesburg, South Africa, and she had six months to see Norway's most beautiful places. Police learned "Isdal Woman" had travelled around Norway and Europe with at least eight false passports.

Eventually, authorities concluded she had committed suicide.

and this as well as handwriting analysis suggested a European, and possibly French origin.

In 2017, isotopic analysis of her teeth revealed that she probably spent her early childhood in central or eastern Europe, but spent her adolescence farther west.

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