The suspected shooters who attacked a social services center in San Bernardino, California killing at least 14 people, were a married couple with a 6-month-old baby who appear to have stockpiled weapons and ammunition at home.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29, were identified Wednesday as two suspects killed by authorities in a shootout after the attack on the center. There is "indication of radicalization by killers and potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organization," FBI Director James Comey said, but "no indication these killers are part of an organized larger group or cell."The FBI is now investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism, saying, there were "telephonic connections" between two shooter suspects and other individuals they're investigating.

Malik reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a Facebook message under under an alias around the time the attack began, the FBI said. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Buzz Feed News that the site removed the profile from public view and reported its contents to law enforcement. An FBI official said, "We did not have [Malik] under investigation previously." San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Farook attended the holiday party and left "under circumstances that were described as angry." Both shooters were armed with what Burguan said were .223-caliber assault rifles — one a DPMS model A-15, the other a Smith & Wesson M&P-15 model.

They were also armed with semiautomatic handguns, he added.

All were legally purchased, and Farook bought the handguns himself.

Farook and his wife also seemed to have an arsenal at a home in Redlands.

Police found 12 pipe bombs, 2,000 9 mm bullets, 2,500 .223 mm rounds, and more than 2,000 long rifle rounds in the home.

More than four hours later, more than 20 officers engaged in a shootout with the two suspects. According to reports, they were married and had a 6-month-old daughter who they'd left with Farook's mother on Wednesday morning.

According to Transparent California, which publishes public employee salary information, Farook was working as an environmental health specialist in San Bernardino County.

In 2013, he earned a salary of ,747 plus benefits.

Farook was born in Illinois, and had been working with the county for five years.

Malik was a "shy" woman who moved from her native Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, along with her family, 25 years ago.

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