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As they change, if I stick to it, the page will change as well. Reload the page to be sure you're looking at the latest. The First Amendment is super important, as is The Golden Rule. I'm working on a FAQ page, focusing on the reasons what they're doing is bad that have nothing to do with my specific situation. BTW, we've been here before with Google, when they didn't fully support RSS in Reader. Of course I wasn't even a twinkle in my father's eye at the time (I was born in 1955).

I am pleased to report that Berkeley has not changed. All of a sudden change seems very possible, as Sterling's theory predicts. This talk by Bruce Sterling at the Reboot conference in 2009 has new relevance for me, given the big event at the beginning of the month. Hopefully we'll be able to find it in search engines in the future. He says I guess you're right, we hate the Red Sox, right? I came across a Frontier box the other day and took a picture of the front and back of the box, and saved it as a PDF. In 1992, my company, User Land Software, shipped Frontier, a scripting environment and object database for the Mac. Since then, and for the foreseeable future, the Mets really like the Red Sox. It's as if smallpox were allowed to return because a new generation of biologists didn't study the work of prior generations. And we didn't carry forward that knowledge in subsequent generations of our systems.There's no date on the ad, or on the article on the other side of the page. And the fine print didn't make it on the scan, so I did another scan with just that info.My signature, in 1985, had a lot of detail that's since been lost. Make it unacceptable for a politician to take money from the NRA.Back then I did a lot more writing, so my handwriting was more important than it is now, where all my writing is done on a keyboard, and has been for decades. Then, and only then, can the political discussion of mass-killing guns start to become rational.Also years of being a CEO and having to sign stacks of things did a number on my signature too. I'm coming around to the idea of publishing certain ideas and news only, exclusively on my blog.

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