Doctor nurse dating

More so if two individuals meet in a particular workplace on a daily basis.

When this happens, it is obligatory for a person under such circumstances to draw a fine line between work and personal affairs.

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However, I was proven wrong when a friend of mine attested that such intimacy really exists in real life.

Though a lot of insecure coworkers or conservative hospital staff might raise their eyebrows, if you come to think of it, there is nothing wrong with flirting or even going to something deeper as long as both of you are currently unattached and are very professional when it comes to your daily duties.

Every relationship has its own pros and cons so if you’re willing to flirt and open to such idea of building both a romantic and working relationship with a doctor, you must know first what are the things to consider and what it might cost you in the long run.

In the end, you still hold the key to make this relationship flourish or die in the instant that you saw it coming. Hospital is a safe haven for the suffering patients so make sure you won’t spoil it by doing things unbecoming for an ideal nurse.

Flirting with your doctor might give a sense of awkwardness every time the two of you bump in each other during the daily hospital rounds.

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