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Introduction to JAXP The JAXP APIs Overview of the Packages Simple API for XML APIs SAX Packages Document Object Model APIs DOM Packages Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations APIs XSLT Packages Streaming API for XML APIs St AX Packages Finding the JAXP Sample Programs Where Do You Go from Here?

The main JAXP APIs are defined in the on the command line.

The default values (unless overridden at runtime on the command line or in the code) point to Sun's implementation.

The SAX and DOM APIs are defined by the XML-DEV group and by the W3C, respectively.

The libraries that define those APIs are as follows: The Simple API for XML (SAX) is the event-driven, serial-access mechanism that does element-by-element processing.

The API for this level reads and writes XML to a data repository or the web.

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