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reunion is "even in the realm of possibility" by Ellen, Aniston answered: "Anything is a possibility, Ellen. Apple has picked up the currently-untitled satire of US breakfast television for two seasons, and will spend a jaw-dropping 0 million bringing it from page to screen.

Soon, she'll begin filming Apple's first-ever scripted drama series alongside Reese Witherspoon.

I think it's wonderful."Jen's answer might only leave the door slightly ajar for a .

She proudly told Italian news agency ADN Kronos how Ivanka told her: 'It's great to be here, I feel at home.'The pair posed dutifully for photographs with Luigina after their meal before leaving at 11pm.At one point during the meal, inquisitive Ivanka pointed to a portrait of the soccer player Giorgio Chinaglia and asked: 'Which saint is this?' Chinaglia played in the UK, then for Lazio of Rome, before moving to New York where he played for the Cosmos in the 1970s.The local hero was named the greatest player in Lazio's history and sadly passed away in 2012 at the age of 65.The restaurant had just 10 minutes to prepare for their arrival after receiving a call from the US embassy.The couple remained in their car for several minutes upon arrival before being allowed out on to the street by Secret Service agents once outside.As they made their way inside, Ivanka smiled and waved at other diners gathered on the patio.On Wednesday, the couple joined her father and stepmother at a private audience with Pope Francis in Vatican City.Afterwards, Ivanka and Jared were given a private tour of the Pantheon.They were pictured leaving the tourist attraction holding hands and smiling to crowds which had gathered.But as their motorcade eventually pulled away after another apparent delay, they were booed. The Italian city holds special memories for the pair who spent a brief holiday there in 2013 when Ivanka was pregnant with their second child, Joseph.

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