Error validating overflow log path

The table below shows the location of the log files in the file system for different operating systems.

Note: When you open the log folder, you may notice multiple copies of each log file, e.g. To keep log file sizes under control, logs "roll over" into a new log file after they reach a certain size, and older logs are eventually purged.

The lower the number appended to the log name, the newer the log file. To read the files, navigate to the log folder and open the log with a text editor.

More advanced users may prefer to use the Command Line or Terminal.

Illegal Argument Exception: Malformed \uxxxx encoding.; MM[BT 525528945129975616 [ .921 WARN W471137477_Scan Wrkr com.code42.bplusj.

Bplus Tree Index File ] Exception calling Commit() while closing Bplus Tree Index [email protected][ path = C:\Program Data\Crash Plan\cache\cpgft1x, key Length = 20],

IOException: Lines that begin with a "W" indicate files that are failing to back up.

You can also identify these files by searching backup_for the string "Unable to backup".

A file that is failing to back up looks like this: If the first number in the bracketed sequence is zero, and the second number is greater than zero, then it's an existing file that has already backed up.

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