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The author particularly wants to acknowledge the help and assistance of Mr. Frank Lovett of PPG, as well as the helpful critique of the other members of the Camaro Research Group.Many thanks are also owed the large number of Camaro owners who patiently contributed original window glass data to this project, oftentimes enduring repeated contacts for additional information.First-generation Camaro window glass is known to have been supplied by two manufacturers: Libbey Owens Ford (LOF) and Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), with LOF being the overwhelming supplier for '67-'68 models, and the dominant supplier in '69 (PPG was the primary supplier to the sister model to the Camaro, the Pontiac Firebird, during these years).

A tertiary supplier of first-generation Camaro glass was Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), which also supplied equivalent glass to the Firebird assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

Contractual agreements theoretically allowed GM to purchase from either supplier for either GM division in the event of a shortage at the other supplier, but the only PPG glass use that CRG has verified to date in 1967-68 Camaro is occasional use in 1967 vent window glass.

While there seems to have been some increase in the amount of PPG glass in '69 Camaros, especially at the Norwood Camaro assembly plant, due to the dominance of LOF glass in Camaro, this edition focuses on LOF glass.

PPG marking details remain less well known to CRG, but as of the 27-Feb-2006 release are now briefly covered in the PPG marking appendix.

During the late 1960's, LOF had a number of automotive glass manufacturing facilities.

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