Flash bios medion updating usb

Download The Flash Bios From USB Package Below Bios From USB Package From Here 69leqpprmonjqcq The Package contains HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and 2 Folders (Image Below) After you select Your USB device Select - File System – FAT32 - Quick Format - Create a DOS startup disk - using system files located at: When you select using system files located at: it will let browse for the file by pushing the button on the right with the 3 dots Browse and select the Dos System Files that you download in step 1 (image Below) After you have setup everything like the picture above in step 5 select start you will get a warning that all your data will be erased select yes and proceed now you are done using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - Reboot Your PC While Holding Down The Escape Key / Or Keep On Pushing It Rapidly - Select Hard Disk - Select Your USB DRIVES Name That Should be It Your Bios Will Start To Update On Its Own After After your Bios Updates Make sure You Remove The USB Drive Before You Reboot.You Can Keep This USB Drive As A USB BIOS Drive For Most Of Your EVGA Boards And Other Boards.The Only Thing That Ever Needs To Changed Is The file make sure you always rename your bios file to yea so i tried doing this on win 7 64 bit and the autoexe file does not work, it doesnt show up on the usb when you put it on it or copy it.i had to enter like a short line of code i forget that it was it updated and then when it loaded back up the board kept turning on and off over and over again.i just unplugged the power and all is good again, just had to reset the board.but this guide can be tricky is not all of your data is on the disk and if u dont provide like any failsafe code for nabs who dont know what they are doing so fix this b4 we have an issue like mine where a kid cant start up his comp because he used ur bad guide.

I have flashed hundreds of boards without error but I have had failed and totally fubared a rom chip from a flashing too. The tutorial is good but any time you flash your bios you have to ask yourself, do I really need it? Secondly If you are having trouble with your board always call Tech support and make sure you have there blessing to flash your bios.It just may well be something else causing your troubles.Start here in the forums by starting a thread with your specific trouble and if what ever needs fixed cannot be without a bios flash contact Tech support and point to your thread which will expedite matters with your support agent.If a bios flash fails, which it can happen, Tech support will be your best friend at that point.It's not uncommon in a situation like that for them to send you a new bios chip (if replaceable) if the flashing fails.Otherwise you risk your warranty and may not be covered if things go wrong.It is an excellent tutorial the only thing I would ad is in this picture you show an overclock will attempting a bios flash, that is a real bad idea or picture to show in a tutorial for flashing and as was said above check with evga support before flashing if you are having issues with your board and need advice before flash is done.Good tutorial though very well put to gether BR for this man.& I7 920 DO B261 OCZ DDR 3 1600 Gold 6GS / TFC 480 and TFC 360 w KOOLANCE RAD SUPPORT 2x655 PUMPS IN SERIES/ BITS 150Z RES EK FULL COVERAGE BLOCK / BITS COMPRESSION/ROTARY FITTINGS EK HF SUPREME PLEXI COPPER CPU BLOCK 1/2X5/8 TUBING 2x GTX 470 SC W EK BLOCKS/WD 150 RADPTOR WD 300 RAPTOR WD 1TB CORSAIR 800D CASE/CORSAIR HX-1000 id=67849 This was linked in another current thread and it's not hard to see it has been visited frequently which is why I added my 2 cents worth.Maybe someone could clean it up and do it over but considering the time and effort it takes for little appreciation (no BR) I doubt that will happen maybe I'll give it a whirl unless someone beats me to it.

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