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48; single Job title: President of Muñoz Public Relations, producer of Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza Estimated household income: Fluctuates Education: B. But even though my mother worked for me, she was never a dependant of me. When I was really young I wanted to have my own business, it was embedded in me. I went to Mexico City for a Mariachi Vargas concert, then New Mexico for another Mariachi Spectacular, Hawaii, then Ashland, Ore., Guadalajara [Mexico]… It would be really fun to have a partner who finds these things equally exhilarating, but I haven’t found him yet (laughs).

” In my case, they give me that message in a subtle way.Men’s self-esteem can be affected [by a female breadwinner].I don’t know about American men, because I’ve never dated any (laughs). She was on mother patrol at the corner of the school.But chances are the self-esteem issue was there before I even met the guy. When we were in high school, she was a secretary at the principal’s office.So she worked jobs that were very close to where we were.She’s very much the homemaker type of mom, a very traditional mom. How do you think society views female breadwinners?I hope we get to the point where we accept whatever makes people happy, whether it is a woman who is passionate about her job or passionate about her children, or volunteering in the community. Sometimes for me, “having it all” means having children and a spouse, a fabulous career, work out, taking care of your house, enjoying fabulous meals…I hope everyone recognizes that everyone is different and has different passions. With so many women working and being primary breadwinners, it’s time to accept that. And sometimes I think “having it all” means to do exactly what you want to be doing and being free to do it.Are you planning to always be the primary breadwinner? I remember that, when I bought my first Mac, I felt one day I’d be home working on my own little project while my children were roaming around the house.That was my idea of “having my own business.” I never thought of being the main breadwinner at all.But of course, once I started my business it’s been a really fun rollercoaster, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

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