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A HUMAN PROJECT podcast is a conversation between our founder, Wesley Chapman and long time supporter Ryan Andrews.

Each week they tackle hard hitting issues facing humanity today.

The sole purpose of the podcast is to get you thinking and to start a conversation.

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today wes and ryan spoke with amy bleuel, founder of project semicolon on the importance of and ryan are able to make some incredible connections with jack canfield in today's podcast, in which we learn some little known knowledge of jack's childhood, which he described in one word as "challenging" helped shape the rest of his today really a good day? - today we had a ruling that will forever change the landscape of the UNITED STATES OF this episode we talk about today's ruling and what we should be bracing for in the future.When sharing a message and it comes across as "I'm better than you" rather than look at how much I am loved, feelings of worthlessness and not being good enough take over our self-worth.Religion walks a fine line of condemning sinners and lifting you ever felt like love is hard to find?have you felt alone or had to pretend in order to feel like you belong? none of us know the impact of how we are to others, but in today's episode res and ryan address these do we identify the misconceptions of breaking out of shame? special guest kris vallotton joins wes and ryan in a riotous podcast talking about their favorite subject; themselves.if you don't love you,what are we actually chasing to bring fulfillment in life?wes chats with dale partridge that when it comes to finding true success in life, it's about learning how to balance business and family life, creating purpose and connection with family while have become a society full of catchy titles and cell phone videos posted online with the hopes of going does that mean that we're suffering from a sickness?because the content has become garbage, what does that say about us as a society?noah j elias, famed for his art in disney, joins wes and ryan to share how important it is to find one's life purpose and seeing the art in 28 he hit a wall with a mid-life crisis and now helps people get to their "you,going from living in the back of a van at the age of 24 to sitting next to whiskeytown lake is the intro for addiction recovery in today's podcast.

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