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Paradise crutches all over the mall, stopping to check out antiques and pose for pictures.Stay tuned for part 2 when she gets a chair and even more attention.Jessica Lynn's Arm/Leg Break DLLC/DLAC Quite possibly the best Jessica Lynn clip yet!Jessica Lynn is taking a shower when her feet slip and she goes flying through the shower curtain right on her arms, breaking them both.She gets LACs on her arms and talks to us about it for several minutes.Next we observe her trying to change outfits and put her shoes on, but she gives up on tying her shoes, which leads to her next accident on the stairs.She trips on her shoelaces and is unable to grab the banister with her casted arms and falls, breaking her legs in the process.In extreme pain, she somehow manages to crawl to her phone. She tells us all about her feelings as she tries to get comfortable on the couch.We take her for a ride in the wheelchair so she can get out of the house for a while.Upstairs, we wait on her hand and foot while she's in bed and she calls us out for liking her casts!As she verbally teases us about her casts, she finally admits that she finds them sexy too.

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