Going from long time friends to dating

people believe that long distance relationships are never going to work out.

Set some ground rules so that none of you will do things that will take the other party by surprise. On top of that, try to update your partner on your life and its happenings, however mundane some of the things may seem.To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos from time to time.By putting in this kind of effort, you make the other person feel loved and attended to.Sexual tension is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples.Sexual desire is like a glue that keeps both parties from drifting apart.Not only is sex a biological need, it is an emotional one as well.Keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions. If you already know that going to the club or going drinking with your group of friends late at night will displease your partner, then you should either 1. Tell your partner beforehand so as to reassure him/her.Don’t be careless about this sort of matter because your partner is only going to be extra worried or extra suspicious, and of course, very upset, because you are putting him/her in a position where he/she feels powerless or lacking in control. Watch a documentary on You Tube or Vimeo at the same time.Also, It could be easy for you to fall into the trap which you, unconsciously or not, set up for yourself by “hanging out” with your office eye-candy after work, or going out with a girl or guy from your past who has been flirting with you. Sing to each other on Skype while one of you plays the guitar.You need to recognize the dangers before entering into the situation. “Take a walk together” outside while video-calling each other.Go online-shopping together — and buy each other gifts (See #13).

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