Hk compensated dating dating brazilians looking for love and friendship

I am writing to express my opinion on compensated dating. Compensated dating, which involves girls being paid to go on dates that often involve sex, has become more popular and widespread in Hong Kong recently.

However, this kind of behavior violates the ethics of society.

Indeed, they do not need a lot of money but their vanity entices them to have compensated dating.The money is spent on brand name products and high-tech products including LV bags, Gucci and IPhone.It is greed and vanity triggering the girls downfall.Aside from the vanity of the girls, some of them lack care and they want to gain love and seek warmth from others.Many of them are in lack of parental care or parents rarely care about what they are doing.They try to find someone to chat with them through online game chat rooms and even go out with them.The girls have misunderstanding between sex and love.From their point of view, sex is equal to love and they want somebody to care and love them. In order to correct their values and rectify the scenario, something concrete has to be done. From the findings of a survey conducted by the Demoractic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), many girls look for and contact their clients through online game chat rooms.To combat this indecent behavior, the police should have to check through the online game chat rooms or forums.They should also contact the webmaster to supervise if there are any activities related to compensated dating.If so, the messages should be deleted and the one who posts the messages should be removed from the member list.

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