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By: Debbie Schoeneshoefer She had special permission to arrive late on Sundays and Wednesdays. She explained that on Monday she was notified that she had gotten an apartment.It was on those days that she dropped her daughter off at the police station. Only two weeks left of Winter Sanctuary and there were no housing options in sight. On Wednesday she could go into court with confidence because she now had a secure place to live. The 12 weeks of Winter Sanctuary had given her a safe refuge during this time of struggle.She was scared, scared of losing for her three-year-old daughter. A place with friendly smiles, listening ears, and a warm bed. The light is bright at the end of the tunnel for her—and her young daughter. BYER [email protected] Le Clerc, 30, and her daughter Elizabeth, 8, play in front of their home in the Tahoe Park neighborhood in Sacramento.Without housing the court would certainly not grant her custody. Maintaining her job while being homeless had been so hard, being without her daughter had been almost insurmountable. Thank you to all the volunteers from Winter Sanctuary that have made this possible—sharing not only your time, but your compassion. The family of five had been homeless living in a van due to domestic violence.He had changed the locks and gotten temporary custody of their daughter, telling the court that she was an unfit mother because she was homeless. “We lived in our van for six months,” said Le Clerc.When a woman knocked on the window of Jenna Le Clerc’s 1988 Chevy cargo van two years ago, Le Clerc didn’t know the brief encounter would alter the direction of her life.

“We went from bathing with a three gallon jug of water to we took a shower for over an hour, the five of us just kept rotating in and out, in and out,” Le Clerc said.

“Just a long, hot shower that we hadn’t had in about six months.” The house is one of three purchased by the city of Elk Grove to help people who are homeless.

Last week, the City Council approved the purchase of a fourth house and authorized the city manager to seek a fifth.

“It’s really altering the lives of the children, especially if they’re in generational poverty,” Schoeneshoefer said.

“The mothers become empowered when they see that their kids are doing well...

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