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Lauren Jauregui (born: Lauren Michelle Jauregui-Morgado; June 27, 1996) is a Cuban-American singer. In December of 2016, she was featured on Marian Hill's single, Back To Me, marking her first single outside of the group.

She has since also featured on a song by Halsey called Strangers.

Lauren Jauregui is an Alto with 3 octaves and 1 note, and is the second-youngest out of the original members of the group. She attended Carrollton School of Sacred Heart since 7th grade. Jauregui said: "My family is the most important thing to me.

They are my followers who are my loved ones, and are everything to me." Jauregui's audition has over four million views on You Tube.

Her favorite artists include Lana Del Rey, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, who inspired her to sing.

She's an outgoing person and describes her styles as hipster.

She loves to talk and meet new people, but when it comes to talk on stage: she gets nervous. Her parents are Mike and Clara Jauregui and her two siblings are Taylor and Chris Jauregui.

Lauren announced via social media and a post for Billboard in November 2016 that she is bisexual. Lauren auditioned for the X Factor in Greensboro, North Carolina with the song "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys.Lauren was given four yeses and allowed to move on to bootcamp. during the first round of bootcamp, but it was not shown.Demi Lovato was really impressed by Lauren because she has a perfect tone at age 16. On the second round of bootcamp, she was put up against country group Sister C with the song These Arms Of Mine.She was later eliminated and put into Fifth Harmony.Known for being one of the group's strongest vocalists, Lauren and the other members of Fifth Harmony decided to take on songs that showcased their vocal abilities such as "Set Fire to The Rain " by Adele, "A Thousand Years " by Christina Perri, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) " by Kelly Clarkson, and the performance that put the girls on the map, "Anything Could Happen " by Ellie Goulding (Lauren was the one who suggested that they do the song).After the Set Fire To The Rain performance despite judges LA Reid, who coldly called them "Fifth Unison", and Britney Spears clearing not liking them, the girls got voted through every week by the public and had the support and confidence of their mentor Simon Cowell, who always let them know how proud he was of them.Ted and Robin's relationship began when they met in a bar.Ted looks at Robin and she looks at him and the chemistry is there from the start.Ted turns to Barney and says, "see that girl, I'm going to marry her someday." Barney introduced her to Ted, the two hit it off and went on one date which Ted confessed his love .They tried to remain friends and succeed with Ted showing no further interest until The Pineapple Incident, where Ted developed feelings for her again.She also was beginning to develop feelings for him but not ready to act on in big time.

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