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Courtney Marshall, a former UNH professor, posted a photo of the two students who are called to be expelled on her Facebook page, writing, “There was a walkout yesterday at my former institution (UNH), and these two people showed up.” The photo spread to some current professors in the English and Women’s Studies departments, Campus Reform reported. participate in political activity, or contribute funds to any entity engaged in these activities.” Mantz said the university was “troubled” by the posts, even though they hadn’t been removed from the department’s Facebook page and said the university was aware of state law regarding political activity.

“Time to call for an investigation leading to the expulsion of these students,” said Robin Hackett, associate professor of English and faculty member of the Women’s Studies Program, “before listing the names of several administrators for professors to direct their complaints.” “Another English professor and Women’s Studies Program faculty member, Siobhan Senier, drafted a letter to UNH President Huddleston and Provost Targett, claiming that the Harambe costume is ‘harassing, intimidating, and racist.'” “Somebody knows who these two students are, who dressed as Nixon and Harambe,” Senier wrote. No action has been taken against any of the professors in the department or the department itself.

I have always found it much more easy to communicate with the latter group, even if they are extremely Famous and even if they do talk over me.

I have at times felt annoyed, but never intimidated, by people who make it impossible to get a word in edgeways, whereas the thought of talking to some particularly quiet people fills me with apprehension, even though they are extremely warm and supportive.

I don’t think I will ever be entirely comfortable around extreme introverts, but it’s probably a start to identify why they seem intimidating to me.

I’m curious about others (that means you, blog reader!

): have you ever noticed a preference for interacting with loud vs.

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